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Planning for a 1350 mile trip

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    If it goes as far as changing breaks and chains, I'll be calling an autoshop since my expertise is within IT, not mechanics. I'd be stuck googling "how do I do this", let alone get parts with me.

    Where I'm going it's mostly 70+ F and should be limited rain, but I do have some rain gear I'll get with me. If I get my cases on (which I intend to) I have around 140L worth of storage space. Sleeping bag, floormat, small 1 man bivvy, pillow, and a small toolbox, all accounted for :P

    How does the Kat drive on icy roads? Risky isn't it? Or is the grip ok?


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      I have dual sport tires on my bike. The kat is well weighted, and very composed when sliding. I drove about 20 miles on an icy mountain pass at about 20-25 miles per hour (curvy). On sport tires, I wouldn't recommend it.