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    Sorry for the late reply. My Katana is a 750. I looked everywhere for risers. I finally found some at I took it on 4 hour ride and it performed just fine, only adjustment was tilting the front brake lever down a bit to give the brake line a little play.
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      I'm finally ordering my stainless steel brake lines and handlerbar risers!
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        I am in the uk and have just emailed soupys for a quote on their risers, currently on sale at $20 but the shipping cost is too much.

        I have ordered some 1inch aluminium bar and will get someone to cut and drill it to match the risers on sale. Shouldn't be too difficult, if I had a lathe I could do it myself.

        That extra inch could make all the difference to my old wrists at sub 50mph speeds.
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          BikeMaster Superbike bars and Outlaw(?) risers.

          The mechanic that fitted them for me did some sort of trickery that looks very unfinished and unstable, but that feels quite ok. I'll see if I can tidy things up next year. It is much easier on my wrists. He drilled new holes through the stock triples.

          I would like to get longer throttle cables, as my brake lever is angled a bit higher up than I would want it. When I angle the lever down, it stops on the throttle cables, and catches on them. When I try to angle the throttle cables down by a corresponding amount, the length becomes an issue, preventing the throttle from closing as it should. So I'm running a compromise that is 'safe', but not as comfortable as it could be.

          More importantly though, is the excessive lever travel. I feel that has gone beyond a comfort/preference issue, and become a safety issue. I'm looking to go for the s/s braided 2-line setup, and strongly considering a M/C conversion to a GSXR/Ninja M/C. Apparently the size difference is enough to offer less travel, while still not requiring excessive force/muscle to stop the bike.

          I used a flexi-ruler today and came up with 850mm (34 in.) on the right side, and 900mm (36 in.) for the left side. None of the local (Kingston, Jamaica) places I checked had any braided hose the same size as the sample I carried to them (an 18" single line for the stock set-up). The packaging for the sample doesn't state what size the hose or fittings are.

          What I may have to do is purchase the hose and fittings online, and have them assemble it out here. Can anyone say what size hose, and fittings I should be looking to get?

          Let me know. Thanks.

          ps: I have replacement indicators. At the moment it looks like a streetfighter that lost the fight.
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            raising the bar is probably the 2nd best mod to my bike.

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