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Space Saver Vacuum Bags - Follow up

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  • Space Saver Vacuum Bags - Follow up

    After using the space saver bags over a 6 day riding trip I am convinced that these are the bomb. Compression bags may be just as good (my riding partner was using a couple of those), but I like these. Easy to use, come in many different sizes, and can be used for anything that you can use a zip lock bag for. Even good for vacuum sealing food at camp (try that with a compression bag). One of the things I really liked was these not only reduced space of some items, but kept things clean and dry. I have confiscated a smaller one that I am keeping my rain gear in so it doesn't take up as much room on the Kat as I keep it there on a perm basis, but to also keep it clean and help protect the rain gear from getting holes in it.

    Love these and they will become a constant on my riding trips.

    As I have read all the posts in the last first thread on these I understand that maybe I over pack as I take a small pillow. I have camped from a child through to adulthood. I have used a rock, a pillow case, my bike seat, a backpack and many other things as a pillow. If I carry one now I think I have earned that right.
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    You've earned the right. I would too! I can't sleep without a pillow!