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Bike to Bike 2-way Communication

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  • Bike to Bike 2-way Communication

    So i've been working on an idea for a Bike-To-Bike Comm Unit
    type thingy. I'm thinking i'm going to make it "push to talk" and/or voice activated. At least initially, this will most likely be designed to work with non modular full faced helmets. At ;east until all the R&D is done.

    I'm thinking it's got to work like the little Motorola style hand-held 2way walkie-talkies. But hands free (hopefully) and in the helmet.

    What I dont like about some of the units out there, is that they're too bulky, cost too much, and some of them only work rider to rider via bluetooth (max 30ft), and your limited to just one. So your S.O.L. if yur in a larger group.

    Am I just re-inventing the wheel here, or has somebody already done this?

    I'm talking bout less than 30 bux, and be universal. So that I could ride to your town, and talk to any other rider with one of these on. Or vice versa.

    Get it? Good. Then I'd like to see if the community here has any input, seen or done anything like this already, and if there would be much of a demand for something like this.

    AND IF SO..... then I would build/test/review a prototype.
    And share all the results with all of you using pics and vids, etc....
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    Let me know if you get this one worked out I would be interested
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      Yes it has been done by the cyberpoet. Visit his link where he has provided a really nice write up. I believe he used Nolan helmets.
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        where is this cyberpoets post?


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          You will find it here:

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            Although that is a fairly comprehensive write up, he doesnt go into a great detail of some of the finer points in low voltage wiring, and completely skips the main point of what I'M trying to accomplish, which is the TWO WAY COM aspect of this endeavor.

            If all your looking for is hooking up an MP3 player, or a small portable FM radio, then that post is great. I've been out riding almost every day, as here in Oregon, we've had GREAT weather for quite a while now. So this project has taken a back seat to more seat time.... Check back often as I'm going to start the hunt for the raw materials to make this project happen.
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              Sure is hard to believe this hasn't been done...
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                I would use it.


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                  I use my motorola two ways with a throat mic (straps on your throat, and senses the vibrations of your throat rather than a conventional microphone), and an earbud. I have only used this setup snowmobiling, but its about the same thing. The throat mic does not pick up perfect sound, but there is no wind, or other ambient noises. It is also nice because the only thing you have to wrestle inside your helment is a single earbud.

                  I am not sure if this is useful information for what your trying to do, but if you have never used one of these mics, you may want to check them out.


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                    Have you started to figure this out yet? Sounds like a great idea, i would buy it...


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                      I'm using the Scala rider Q2 kit, and it's great for just about everything with the exception of highway at 70+ MPH.

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                        ill try to find the link there is a place that makes kits like this that you can hook up a mobile a cb radio mp3 player cant remeber the name ill find it tho


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                          I also use the Scala Q2 which is good for full duplex communication up to 1600' apart for a paired set. I understand Scala is coming out with a new unit called the G4, which will have a range of 1 mile for 2 way communication.
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                            I experimented with a set of motorola FRS's, ear piece (plugged my other ear), taped the microphone in the helmet and had it set as PTT (the FRS radios I had were only PTT, not VOX). Worked great at lower speeds. Wind noise, though, made conversation impossible at speeds over 60 mph.

                            It's convinced me that if I buy something for long hauls, I want a set of Chatterbox FRS's - even the first generation HJC's would be fine. Two channels, 1-2 mile distance, VOX and PTT, inputs for phone and mp3, stereo ear pieces and a microphone developed for this particular purpose. The X1's and X2's are better, have more channels and better distance. But, if all you want is to be able to talk to the other riders in a crew (and still plug in your mp3), the baseline Chatterbox will suffice.

                            Units can be had for $50 each used on Craigslist.
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