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  • Around Lake Michigan...

    Hey Everbody! I'm preparing for a trip around Lake Michigan and I just don't know if my body can take it. I need some touring advice about taking long trips. Honestly, I suffer from exhaustion after riding for more than 2 hours on the Katana and I don't rightly know why. My good friend seems to have better luck with his newer Kat. Could it be some problem with the alignment or the tires or something? I feel vibration running up the handlebars, but it seems to be coming from the engine and not the tires.

    What advice can you guys give me, if any, to avoid this type of problem? I'd also be interested in some mods or equipment to mount on the Katana to help me carry my stuff.

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    Drink powerade, and water, it fights fatigue. Mechnically i can't give you any advice, but I've spent some long times on my bike and think powerade + water and semi-empty stomach is ideal.


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      maybe some ibuprofen during each gas stop just to take the edge off the stiff muscles
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        Can you recomend any gear that I should need. It'd be a five day trip... Or longer.

        I already have full leathers, jacket with a good removable liner, gloves etc.
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          ear plugs that are comfortable. block out all the noise from the wind and stops your ears from ringing. I always liked having one of those Camelpaks that are a backpack with a water bladder and a hose to your mouth, really handy to have when riding, running, biking ect.
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            id also like to know what kat you have...600 or 750? the pre 600 you has a lower top triple than the 750, which seams to be much the same height as the post89. i happen to have a spare pre750.

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