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Which Nelson Rigg tank bag?

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  • Which Nelson Rigg tank bag?

    I'm looking for a small tank bag that does not hide the Kat's instruments cluster.
    I've settled on a Nelson Rigg but I am hesitating between these two models:

    Classic CL-300:
    Classic black look, can contain 8.11 liters, sure it won't get in the way. Could it be too small?


    Silver Streak SSC-100:
    Nice black and silver look, can contain 11.50 liters, hope it's not too tall.
    Could be more practical.

    There's only a 10$ difference on New Enough so price is not a factor.

    What's your opinion/preference?

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    The SSC-100 was nice when I had it on my 84 Honda Sabre, the magnetic holders covered up some tank blemishes nicely! To be honest, the one thing I used on it the most was the shoulder strap, very handy.

    Great bag, good quality for the price too! I would recommend the SSC-100!


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      I would go with the icon urban...just from personal experience. Doesnt block cluster, and allows over 1 days worth of clothes, extra pair of shoes and a clear top window zipper for directions!


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        Out of those two I've got the CL-300. I also have a couple other Nelson Rigg bags. Either one, you can't go wrong, Neslon Rigg make an awesome product !!!
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          I have the 10 liter Cortech and it doesn't block sight to my dash on a 06 600 kat. I use this more then my tail bag. I really like the clear map pocket on the top as my Blackberry fits very well in it when I'm using the built in GPS.

          (link just for picture, I bought it for a lot less at the dealership)


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            Out of those 2 bags, I would probably go with the larger 110 bag. 6" tall shouldn't block the panel enough to worry about, and it looks like you could fit a bit more in it if you decided you needed to on a longer ride. Might be able to fit a sweatshirt or something in it along with some soda or water bottles, where the other bag wouldn't have enough room. I have a bag that's similar size to the 300 you posted, and it works fine for a short day ride with one person, but when the wife goes with me I always need more room, or she gets stuck wearing a backpack. I just picked up this a few weeks ago, it definetly blocks the guages it both bags are on, but I have the option of using just one bag at a time zipped to the magnetic base. The smaller top bag is just about perfect for most rides, but when I get ready to go away for weekend or longer rides, the extra room will be nice.
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              Neither will block your view of the gauges. I'd go for more space, personally. Check out the JR Manta XL. I went that direction, even though I have Nelson Rigg SSC tail and saddlebags. Cheaper and there's lots of room.
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                I use a little cortech bag dont have a pic handy its very nice and holds a lot plus doesnt block any of the instruments