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Anyone using a GPS?

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    Have a garmin 1490 w/Bluetooth have it mounted just under my windscreen
    on the 1100. Its protected from the elements when riding and I can still clearly see the gage cluster. Pretty cool at night.
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      Garmin Zumo 500, 600, and TomTom Scala Rider 2.
      '92 GSX1100F Red/Maroon


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        I use a Garmin Zumo 595 on mine. It's very convenient, easy and fun, but that's about it. If I needed to go from A to B, I'd probably use a phone. But with the Zumo I just stick it in and go.

        Easy and fun means there's a feature called adventurous routing, where it will take me from A to B but find small roads, forest roads etc and lead me on a nice drive instead of just highway. And it has all major points located (like gas stations etc so I can always find one in need).

        Sure, all can be done with a phone, but once I installed the mount, I have to say it's just so simple and convenient to use.