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Long Rides, Lower back issues

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  • Long Rides, Lower back issues

    I currently ride a 98 750 Kat, I love my bike. Been riding for about a decade now, im getting older and doing 7-8 hour rides is nothing new but now is starting to kill my lower back. I am contemplating going with a cruiser but a friend suggested that I look at any options or tips that more seasoned Kat owners may have to help with lower back issues on long rides before i trade it in. I used to be able to do 700+ km a day with no personal issues but now it's nothing for me to have to pull over every 2 hours to take a break and stretch out.

    Any tips on possible upgrades, Has handlebar risers helped, lowering foot pegs, changing out the stock seat? Thanks!!

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    Corbin seat makes a huge difference for me. Takes a bit of getting used to, but for long distances, it really makes a difference for me. On my 600, I swapped to 750 risers, that also made a nice difference. So I can imagine risers on the 750 would also make a change. Risers are pretty cheap, I'd recommend starting there. Rox risers add height and you can set the pull back angle. I've had my eye on those for a while.
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      How old are you? A similar question came up on the Concours 14 forum. I used to finish 8 hour rides on my Kat 1100 in pain, my hands would be numb, feet hurt. Got a C14 and it was much better, but I had to put risers on it, I'm on my third seat and that electronic cruise c0ontrol I got is awesome. But still, here's the rub- if you sit any bike for any amount of time, you'll eventually get uncomfortable. I was on a plane coming back from Sydney, Australia and that was 14 hours of torture!.
      With that in mind, I would:
      1) Play a little with suspension settings. Forget about being the top gun handling bike, soften it up; when you are slabbing it in a straight line, comfort is king.
      2) Risers can help , sitting upright can be better but everyone's back is different so who knows? The slump over position on my Kat feels as good to me as the upright position on my C14.
      3) Seat- maybe try something like an air hawk. I have mixed opinions on Corbin. The Corbin for my Kat 1100 is incredible,I found the stock seat very uncomfortable, Corbin was perfect. But the one for the C14 is awful.
      Lastily, if you go on frequent long trips, consider getting another bike. I have seen great prices on older low mile C14 (around $5000) and for that you get great luggage, abs, traction control, 1/4 mile performance in the mid 10's,50+mpg, big windsheild, shaft drive, etc. My bike has been stone reliable (now 8 years old with almost 40K miles).
      You can still keep the kat as the fart around town bike. I put some cool ugly looking (but they do look cool!) Krauser bags on my kat 1100 and it is now my around town errand bike.


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        Thanks for the input, im 46 going on 47 next month. My back is shot, blew out my L2&L3 few years back. Im pretty mobile its just long periods in that riding position suck. When i have my camping gear loaded on the back i use my campimg pad and sleeping bag as a back rest and that does help a lil bit.
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