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Help identifying front fork and wheel

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  • Help identifying front fork and wheel

    Hi all,

    I am restoring my old Suzuki GS850 (wrong forum, but hear me out ) and as a part of a donor bike "puzzle" I bought, also came a front fork and front wheel that obviously werent from a Suzuki GS850.

    The rim says AJG, and the forks says S254. Some light Googling have pointed me towards a SUZUKI KATANA (perhaps a GSX750F), but I cant put a year on it or verify that the front wheel and forks even go together. This could be a total Frankenstein.

    Can you please help me identify the make and model, so the assembly can find a suitable bike and get out on the road again?

    I have uploaded some images here:

    Thank you,

    Best regards


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    Not sure about the forks, but the rotors and wheel match what's on my 98 750
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      That's a 90-97 600cc GSXF setup.

      Wheel is curved spoke, not straight. 3 spoke eliminates 88-89 600 models.

      Triple top is the single setup so 600cc. Fork tops match to the black button 3 position selector used on that year range + the fork lowers have the drain plug bolt on them, also only matching to that year range.

      110/80 tire was also the "stock" size, those now days most people use radials in the 120/70 size.

      93 750 Kat

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        You guys for sure know you Katana's.

        Thank you very much for your help.

        BR Michael