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Help ID'ing some vintage Suzuki parts?

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  • Help ID'ing some vintage Suzuki parts?

    Hey Gang,

    I'm trying to figure out what some of this stuff goes to. If you see some parts you recognize, can you help? Thanks!!!

    Here's a set of carbs:

    brake stuff:

    pile of misc stuff (maybe picture is not close-up enough):

    turn signals:

    instrument cluster:


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    You've got a couple different bike/vintage parts there.

    The brakes look like early 90s GSXR. The instrument cluster & indicators look like '81-ish GS1100.


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      The long signals are for the rear of Kat.
      Kat mirrors.
      Those 2 chrome pieces look like airbox covers, but Kats are black.
      Looks like Kat footpegs too, the bottom ones.
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        Instrument cluster, chrome airbox covers could be from 80-81 GS1100 or GS750E. Long turn signals are rear mounts from '81-83 GS1000, 1100, 750. Mirrors are Kat mirrors, square headlight could have come from Kat, also used on 80,81 GS1100 and 750E. Fuse panel piece could be from a Kat or GS1100E. That's all I can make out from the pic.

        Edit: The carbs look like they may be off a GSX, they look like a set I saw on the web. Flatslides?
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          Carbs look like BSTs to me. Measure the bore of them to determine what model specifically. 32, 33, 36? 33s were 90-97 GSX600f. 36s were 89-97 GSX750f.

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