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  • vintage kat info help

    hi people

    i have a 1982 750 Kat that i bought a while ago and im having trouble getting information on the bike.

    My bike has a single color blue seat,not the 2 tone seats that i have seen.
    it also has the star type mags and not the 3 point mags that i have seen on those models.
    is this a rare model or have i got the year model wrong?

    this is the only other one that i can find that looks the same.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    This one looks alot like yours...

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      The "GS resources" forum has a lot more active members and they know a lot about the old katana
      1990 katana 1100


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        Just bought a 10th Month 81 1100 about to put it together, looking for aprox value, 20,000k's


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          Your 750 Katana is correct. The only incorrect item I can see is the colour of the screen which should be smoked.
          Enjoy the bike. I had one and it was special.


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            Stock kats all came with clear screens. You have a correct looking bone stock '82 750.

            I have a katana model poster posted here

            '83's have the two tone seats and different mags.
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