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need a signal flasher relay for LEDs

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  • need a signal flasher relay for LEDs

    i bought one labeled CF13 JL-02 and it showed no sign of life. i even manually tried reversing the polarity, at the tech support person's request. he ended up sending me another one, and that was lifeless too. they refuse to diagnose it any further and say their stuff won't work with my age bike.

    so the question is, is there a product out there that does work? can i adapt something from another application?

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    They sell LED blinker relays at autozon that work.
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        Any 12v electronic flasher relay will work. Multitude of options and prices at auto stores.

        I generally make small harness jumpers when the flasher doesn't match the harness, so you don't cut up the OEM harness unnecessarily, and don't have to worry about the plugs.

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          ok. thanks. i'll check auto zone.

          by the way, the one i ordered that didn't work was from

          hopefully i saved anyone else the bother of finding out their product is inappropriate.


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            Yah the one I bought was a black box, not the cylinder ones.
            My build thread (Black Betty) '97 600 (Dearly Departed)
            2007 GSXR 750