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    Came across an 1100 that has been sitting for 25 years. I haven't got a good look at it but seller says it is (was) in great condition when parked. Assuming the tank and paint are fine and it only needs a freshening up such as tires, brakes, battery and fluids changed what is its value? Is it a 2500 -3000 dollar bike?

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    Have you visited gs resources yet. They are into the older Suzuki
    1990 katana 1100


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      Hard to tell without a good look at it but if all it needs is a carb clean, oil and general clean up and refresh I would give him $2500....maybe shoot a $2000 offer and see what happens....any pics?
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        Inside of the tank likely not fine if it sat for that long. You'd want to check it for rust.
        Also, if it hasn't run for 25 years...the cylinders could be rusted, or if oil was left in there it turned to goo
        I'd proceed with caution.
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          Thanks for the advice. As you can see my inspection is limited.

          I will try to get some more info and hopefully drag it out for a better look.



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            That could be a diamond in the rough. Even discounting the condition of the tank interior I think it would be worth rescuing and restoring.


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              They are highly sought after so, it's worth what you are willing to pay. IMAO $2500 is a good deal being that it is intact and in good condition. I've seen fair conditioned ones here for $5000 (too much).
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                If you can get it for $2,500.00, do it....
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