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$50.00 really?

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  • $50.00 really?

    a runner with a title is only worth 50.00? wow maybe i did get ripped off!!!

    you can"t be serious!!
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    Forks are is thaat thing!
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      it's an 83 650!!

      oh yah. i straightened the forks. lol.
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        What a great bike! You got that for $50? For that you can afford to do all kinds of things to it. Get it running clean, a little paint, etc and you've got a beauty.
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          $50 man I am jealous! Why can't I find deals like that!
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            No It is worth more than $50I am sure, but as I said in your other post " I am CHEAP"..
            Keep in mind that that is an early shaft drive, Known for the failing bearings in the drive.
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              Also suzuki was never known for making good transmissions in the shaft drive bikes, but hey... like fred said... CHEAP

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                Originally posted by ZukiFred View Post
                No It is worth more than $50I am sure, but as I said in your other post " I am CHEAP"..
                actually it isn't....or at least not much more than $50. even if you part it out, the only thing really worth anything might be the tank. possibly the gauges. you might get $100 for the tank from someone who needs it. same for the gauges.

                However, with some time and elbow grease, it can be restored. Don't know if any of you remember the 550GS I restored about 5 or 6 years ago....the one that I painted all sky blue. it was in worse shape than this one. it was so bad that the carbs fell apart in my hands and the tank leaked like a sieve. I payed $50 for it. then I ended up having to pay another $100 for the parts bike to fix it. once everything was said and done, it cost me about $800.....and the bike was eventually sold for $1000. if you consider I had at least 40 hours in the restoration, maybe more, I didn't make anything from it.

                all you gotta do is tell yourself one will be a project of love...not profit. If you have any ideas in your head about making money of that bike, let me stop you right now cuz that isn't likely to happen. that's not the bike for that. but for a project that you will keep to enjoy, then you're good.
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                  Sell it for 150 bones and have a pizza and beers .


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                    Originally posted by H-2 CHARLIE View Post
                    Sell it for 150 bones and have a pizza and beers .

                    This guy has the right idea.
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                    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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                      Originally posted by H-2 CHARLIE View Post
                      Sell it for 150 bones and have a pizza and beers .
                      by time he can find a buyer at $150, there will be no more water fresh water left on the planet to help make the beer with, and pizza will only be available. in dehydrated form like space meals
                      I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                        If he bought it, I have a set of 83 forks in good condition (as in unbent, fork seals should probably be replaced.). let me know if interested. Hell, I'd pick up that bike, if it was still available :P


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                          hey cool!!! at least there is some positive feedback now i was getting a bad vibe at first!! lol just kidding.

                          i actually paid $90.00 for it. some lady pulled out in front of the seller and he put it in a ditch real hard, then he let it sit for three years. all I wanted was a frame with a title to build a custom with.

                          I didn't even know what it really was until I did some research on it after I got it home. is this the first year of the katana?

                          I know they made the gs650 shaft drive from 81 to 83 in a standard and a cruiser style but from what I can tell 83 is the only year with this motor and katana configuration before they redesigned the whole bike.

                          knowing what i have now i will not hack this into a bobber ..... which was my original plan.

                          it runs great, rides pretty decent, except the rear shocks are wrong and way to soft, but you are right about not much value. no gauges, tank is pretty crunched, bars are tweeked, pipes are road rashed, forks were straightened, but it all is functional!

                          it,s got dual anti dive brakes wich seem to be special to the katana, good wheels, tail section, carbs function fine, doesn't make any weird noises or vibrations.

                          i,m thinking i will just ride it as a rat bike and have fun with it since restoring it would be stupid costwise. the guy I bought it from said his friends all called it mad max!! "I think it fits" lol.

                          hey Emc-icon, how much do you want for those forks and are they anti dive type or just standard dual calipers, all I really need are the stansions. and what about some rear shocks? are all the gs's running the same length rear shocks with maybe some stiffer valving?
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