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Not sure if it is a street fighter or just naked...

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  • Not sure if it is a street fighter or just naked...

    This is my project. Pics are from when it looked its best, now it is dirty...

    Anyway, bought a nasty bike for $100. Had been sitting in a guys garage for years. He was going to fix it up, but somebody used a hammer to take the controls off it. No bars or anything attached to them. Came with some really beat up plastic and a title.

    You can see what has been changed, everything on the bars, and the bars, have been replaced. Also rebuilt rear master, fuel petcock, synced carbs.

    Still lots to do, but having fun! Mostly need tires and exhaust now (Whaat?) Anybody have a line on some?

    Also, wanting to do a custom mount of the speedo and tach, realize how much I miss them now that they are gone...

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    As long as you are having fun, what more could you ask for?

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      Looks sweet, I like the flat black paint and the big headlight. Don't have any suggestions on exhaust but I'd go with a short and fat look, maybe carbon fiber look? Gonna be fun to ride.