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Starting over with no instruments

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  • Starting over with no instruments

    I've looked at the stock gauges for my '06 and do not see any way to put them on my street fighter model. I have a 6.25" headlight shell and emgo cafe racer fairing, and the stock instruments are in a big pod that just is too big. I opened them up and it's just bare gauges inside, so they would not be weatherproof if I took them out and mounted them in aluminum brackets.

    I'd appreciate any ideas on how to work around this!

    My second idea is to use LED's and make an aluminum strip with 5 LED's in it, as follows:
    • yellow - LH turn
    • red - oil pressure
    • blue - high beam
    • green - neutral
    • yellow - RH turn.

    Has anyone done this on their bike? I'm looking for ideas on how to proceed. I've got an idea in my head but ...

    I figure I'd go with the bicycle speedo for the speedo, odometer, clock and tripmeter.

    The Noodle

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    I custom made may gauge mount.. In fact I'm about to make another.
    I used LEDs for the lights. I just wired in 12 volt LEDs. I used a really figgin bright one for the oil light! If the oil light goes off people behind me will start honking!
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      I didn't bother with high beam.
      Top amber = right turn
      second amber= left turn
      Green =neutral
      really bright red one= oil..