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Bar-End Mirrors - Not?

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  • Bar-End Mirrors - Not?

    I am going with a naked look on my '06 600 and planned to install bar end mirrors. I took off those weights and there is a big plug of steel in there! I tried drilling it and it must be an inch deep and good steel (for Japanese anyway).

    I have already ordered the ones that slip inside the handlebar and then expand when you tighten the bolt on it.

    Has anyone successfully mounted bar end mirrors?

    I was looking at the bar and was thinking of taking the end off the triple tree and swapping ends on it but I would have to grind down the tube so that the bolts would hold it in place. This would give me an open end for the mirror.

    I'd appreciate any constructive comments, and thanks!

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    you just have to get all the weld off the slugg you were drilling on take a hammer and a screw driver and just tap it till it breaks lose then push it threw to the other end take the pastic cap off and tada wow this is a long sentence.


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      Is there any danger of damaging the handlebar tube by tapping on the slug? Do you mean tapping or smacking the crap out of it with a big drift or screwdriver? thanks


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        I think smacking the crap out of it is the apt discrition..

        Do it! Bar end mirrors are the dogs bollocks. You will have a rear view that is surreal.
        You will see the entire two lanes to your left and your own butt..

        Here is an old pic of mine..


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          do what it takes once u get the weld offf


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            I personally just used the bar end screw...worked fine for me.


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              That's a good plan too.
              I used CBR 600 clip ons. No weldment but other issues..


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                I had already ordered these and had them when I realized there was a 3" long steel plug welded into the bar end. I cut the weld with my dremel and smacked the crap out of it with my 2lb sledge and a long, wide drift and they broke loose in just a few whacks.

                All done there, thanks!


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                  What I did was take the expansion plug piece off and put the bar end mirror on the end of the original bar end, then used the stock mirror bolt. Fit great and NO vibration at any speed. Yesterday was the first time riding with them installed and I could see perfectly at any speed.