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Street Fighter Forum Rules

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  • Street Fighter Forum Rules

    1. This forum is for Street Fighter Katanas.
    If you don't like, understand or want to build a Street Fighter go somewhere else. We don't need and I won't tolerate people posting negative comments about Street Fighters here. Several members left this site because of that in the past, they were good mechanics and could have offered a lot to the site but left because of the comments of a few..

    2. This is My House.
    I asked for this forum to be created and I was given control of it. I will use that control. There will be no arguing over what is and what is not a SF here.

    3. Definition.
    Because of Rule #2 I get to make rule #3. A Street Fighter is a full fairing motorcycle by manufacture, then for what ever reason the owner has decided to opt to spend the money to repair damaged parts on performance extras. This is the genesis of the term. Instead of repairing/replacing the fairings the owner adds a headlight and spends the money for fairing repair on better shock, forks or engine mods. Flipped tails, diamond plate, a headlight made from a helmet are all cool but do not define the breed!

    4. Further comments:
    If you think is a better site go there, and stay there. You are probibly here because few sites accept Katanas willingly. We get a lot of grief from other sites, the bike isn't powerful enough, cool enough blah blah blah enough.. So eiter you're in or you're out. Accept your Katana brothers as you would want to be accepted.

    I will be deleteing posts that I think are out of line. I will close threads that turn into arguing. Either you're here to get and/or offer help or give asked for advice or you have no business being here.