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36mm Mikuni Jet kits n a competition clutch

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  • 36mm Mikuni Jet kits n a competition clutch

    I want to put a high quality STAGE 2 jet kit in my factory Miks'.
    How about some reccomendations?
    I read some good things about Ivans, but they refer to the factory airbox.
    I prefer the look of the oval K&N air filters....any opinions about that?
    I am hoping you all can also give me some pointers on a great clutch!
    All n all, I am looking at this combination and you can comment, please.
    The oversized 88-93 GSXR 1100 cam.
    36mm Mikuni Stage 2 carb kit.
    finished off with a performance clutch.
    Lay it on me.....
    Thank you in advance!
    My prayer to the KATANA gods

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    No such thing as a stage 2 for Katanas . Either 1 or 3 , and 3 is for pods , which are a hassle , but do-able . You have been warned ....
    Also , no Ivan's kit for the pre's . Either Factorypro or Dynojet . Dj is not well thought of , though it's what I'm running . But I tinker LOTS .
    Perhaps you should state your goal here ......
    I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

    Katrider's rally 2011 - md86


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      I run the DynoJet kit and the K&N Dual Pod filters. It works great. It had to be tuned by a guy at the shop but nothing I was worried about.

      IF you go with pods and a jet kit either be ready to spend some cash gettin it right or be very smart and have the tools to do it yourself.


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        you could always just buy the jets yourself, I get mine at the dealership.
        89 gs500e, k&n air filter, sv650 rear wheel swap, gsxr rear shock, 06 tank and bodywork, sv650 tail swap,

        93 kat 750 v&h ssr2 full exhaust, 99 katana front wheel, a 180/55 on stock rim, post controls, heated grips


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          flat slides 34


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            screw that, flat slide 36mm.


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              im in the same situation now. im not paying 110 quid for a stage 1 jet kit. im thinking about getting some GSXR750 or 1k carbs of ebay and just swapping carbs.

              idealy i want the jet sizes for a stage 3 jet kit (pod upgrade) but im having no luck finding it haha

              anyone know the numbers?

              its for a '90 gsx600 by the way.

              '89 CBR600 Build.... will stop cutting stuff off one day.....
              '90 gsx600f ride.... looks boring.... will do for now....