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DooD's old 'Zook. (lots of pics!)

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  • DooD's old 'Zook. (lots of pics!)

    I'm not sure if you guys even remember me...or this bike, but I am making progress - however slow it may be!

    You might have caught a glimpse of this hurtin' old '85 GS750ES over on the GSresources site.....well it came apart over the winter through many beers and skin abrasions alike! I couldn't pass this bike had such great lines to it...and while some of it's bits were total crap, and it had some previous scabby fabrication on it.... that can be easily taken care of! Anyhoo, pictures!

    FREAKIN' motor wouldn't come out! (yeah, was frustrated enough that we were throwing tools on the floor, booting it from the pain in the ***.)

    "Mr. motor, may I introduce you to Mr. Fireman? Do what he wants, or it'll get ugly in here."

    "OK." Success! (and yes, thats a 1986 Ohlins rear shock, with remote reservoir/hydraulic preload adjustment! Cost me 100 bucks to get it rebuilt!)

    Enter a few new parts - EBC pro-lites off ebay ($25)...needed some love (left), as they showed up in a bit of a mess (right). I also bought 6-piston calipers, but it turns out I'm an idiot - need the Bandit 6-piston, and instead bought the GSXR version.

    GSXR 750/1100 Showa front end

    And then, after countless hours of grinding and rewelding, reinforcing mounting points, eliminating all those little bolt holes in the front frame tubes, I had it painted. Same guy who did my Kat, and it looks fantastique!

    Had Fireman throw on some Supercorsa takeoffs so I can roll it around while I get the rest of it together....

    And that's as far as I am on it for now. I just think that it has a very neat shape to it, and I hope it turns out like I want it to! Hopefully more to come soon...I wanna be on this thing sometime mid-summer!
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    lookin nice!!!!
    -Marty (Red)




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      Sweet! I think the engine removal procedure is actually to tip the frame over... unless Thaz and Walter are in a bad mood... in which case it magically goes in or out.

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        Sweeeeeet .....

        The people who think they know everything always mess it up for those of us who do .....



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          Same color combination I am shooting for...Those forks didn't happen to come from Miami did they?


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              super nice!


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                can that front fork setup bolt on to a Kat 1100? or did you have lots of work getting it to work?


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                  lookin pretty awesome so far!!
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                    Sweet set up. Can't wait to see more.


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                      Thanks all!

                      As for the forks - I don't really remember where they came from. I got them off ebay quite a while ago (could still look up who I bought 'em from...why? did you get rid of a set? ) with the intention of putting them on the Kat - but couldn't justify redoing that front end, since I've already done Racetech emulators and Ohlins springs and all that crap in the kat's forks.

                      Right now I'm looking into getting all bandit hand controls so that I can rewire the bike using a bandit harness (happen to have an extra one lying around), and that way I don't have to use the hurtin' stock setup. I'm just not looking forward to dealing with having a new-ish electrical system, and somehow trying to combine a working dash/lights with the old cable speedo.

                      Also, the rear wheel I've noticed isn't from that bike, because an '02 B-12 sprocket fits the wheel....and shouldn't. The swingarm has been modified/braced as well (pretty certain), because I havn't yet been able to find a picture of the original bike with an arm that looks like that does.

                      Either way, it's a step in the right direction, but there's plenty to do still - more paint, seat needs reshaping and recovering, need to fab some sort of end for the tail to put lights on, as well as shape the undertail, fab exhaust, etc.. I'll put more pics up as I get it done - slowly but surely!
                      FrankenKat 1216
                      GS Fiter 816
                      GSXR750! (race)


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                        Nice build, looking forward to see it come together.
                        2002 GSXF 750


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                          I remember you . I sent you some boots . I also remember something about a firebreathing B12 in a Katana at the track .
                          Yes , that old bike DOES have some pretty cool lines .
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                            Sweet ride! Black and gold is one of the best color combos I think too.

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                              Nice looking Project. Keep us posted.
                              1989 Katana 600 Blue on Black