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My streetfighter project - '06 600 Katana

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  • My streetfighter project - '06 600 Katana

    I bought this bike after the PO wrecked it and almost died. It slid a good way and flipped over to bash both sides of the plastic and destroy the headlight mounts and gauges.

    My plans are to strip it and put on some kind of side covers and tail light, get a better tank and put on lights and instruments. Here is a slide show:

    [ame=""]2006 GS600F Katana[/ame]

    Since these were taken I have done the following:
    cleaned the dirt out of the tire beads so they now seat and hold air
    put in a new battery and tested the electrics/electronics
    replaced the r/h handlebar, throttle and switch mechanism
    replaced the shift lever (this must be a common thing to break)

    I need some help in putting on the instruments and a decent headligh without spending a ton of money. I'll update the pics soon to show how she looks right now.


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    05 because of the clear turn lens?
    Good luck...

    OH, 06, I see now. Didn't the clear lens start in 05?
    It would't be any fun if it was easy! BUT, it does have to be this much fun!!


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      Looks like it's in good shape.. Other then the obvious!