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  • Help needed tyres

    Hi guys I知 new to the site need a bit of help iv got a kat 600 1998 and I知 wanting to put a bigger tyre on the rear as the stock one looks really thin compared to other tyres on my friends bikes this is my first bike I will add and just seeing what my options are really.

    im thinking maybe street fighter style bit later on but not to sure about it yet as I think it looks nice with all the plastic on.

    Iv have got a new exhaust aswell as the original is just to quite sounds like a hair dryer .

    but back to my question is there anything I can do about the tyres.

    I know you all must of gone over this hundreds of time so I do apologise for that I知 new to site and found making this post easier then trying to navigate through loads of post.

    thank you in advance.


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    I had a 2001 Katana 750 and tire choices are limited since they must clear the swingarm sides as well as not hit the undertail during shock compression. You will not get the wide tires that most sportbikes have on a Katana, since they don't have the clearance.


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      The general rule of thumb is that you can move up one size from stock (150 up to 160) and keep everything the way it is without causing issues. You can find posts out there where some idiot slapped a 180 tire on a Katana rim, but you have to think about the shape of the tire and how pinched in the sidewalls will be. The tread on your tire should look like the bottom of an egg so you can lean into curves smoothly. When you put too big of a tire on a skinny rim, the tread will start to look more like the top of an egg with the center pushed out due to being on a rim that is too narrow. If you just have to have that fat back tire, you will need to modify your swingarm, get a wider rim and modify a few other things to get everything to line back up. There are threads in here about doing just that. Take some time and look around the forums and you will learn a LOT about your bike.

      I dug up an old thread I started years ago that mentions when I swapped over my bike to a 180 tire.
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