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thehiddencheese's $900 Bike Rebuild (Lots of pictures)

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  • thehiddencheese's $900 Bike Rebuild (Lots of pictures)

    Let me start off by saying this is my first bike, and my first attempt at doing this.


    This was the first day I picked it up, a 1990 Suzuki Katana GSX600, 31k miles. The rain did a excellent job of covering the rust and shit paint on this bike. I got it for $900 from a nice collage gentleman who was moving across country after graduating. It also came with a bike jack that does not work on the bike. It ran great except one problem, it would die once it got warm.

    Once I got it home and the sun came out revealing the actual condition of the body. Is the bike black or brown? Hard to say.

    First thing I immediately did was drain the oil (was it oil at this point?), and replace the oil filter (clogger). The poor thing. I replaced it for a K&N Filter, and MOBIL-1 racing 4T.

    Next up was the dying when warm issue. The guy said he could not figure it out. I rode it around for awhile and it seem to run fine. Eventually it left me almost stranded in the country, surprise.

    This issue was quickly resolved, the spark plugs were completely burnt and black when removed, and replacing them fixed the issue.

    I rode it like this for a while before doing some more changes because fuck it.


    Eventually after a few months I started having clutch cable issues, little did I know exactly how bad it was..

    Old vs New Clutch cable

    Next thing was getting that humongous ugly piece of scrap metal off the front of the bike, if this thing was going to be a "street fighter" then it might as well go the whole way.

    I ordered some cheap ass dual headlights off ebay (streetfighters special) and followed up my amazing hack job with some excellent gauge placement and wiring job that only showed the utmost care.

    Don't worry it doesn't stay like this for long. I just wanted to ride while it was warm out, so I rushed everything. I had to make a mount for the gauges since the front headlight frame was gone, so ghetto made it was.

    I'll post more pics later, including fixing the front, paint, and a bunch of other stuff.
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    My 1990 GSX 600 Street fighter Build

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    Exhaust and winter


    I ended up scoring a 4-1 header with mid pip and slip on, I believe it is a delkevic, for 150 in total off ebay. It was a joy to get rid of some of the rust from this bike.

    This is for sale btw

    And the new one!

    A little video The video makes it sound louder than it is, riding at low rpms it's not very loud, at least compared to the harleys around here.

    Winter Time

    Now I have had the bike taken apart somewhat, things I have done are the following.

    New LED white bulbs for the gauges, the stock ones suck, and we're absolutely worthless at night.


    New LED

    The paint on this bike was horrible, but 27 years will do that.

    A lot of sanding, and priming (thanks Xerrith) they are ready for paint. Which I still have not decided on a color, currently thinking white?

    To match my ebay special headlights, I had to get the matching pair of levers.

    I also got the headlights and gauges cleaned up, still have to rewire everything so it's nice and neat, also I have to mount the rpm gauge. I removed the fuel one.

    Oh and also got some ebay special bar end mirrors which work surprisingly well compared to the stockers.

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    My 1990 GSX 600 Street fighter Build


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      Turn signals and Carbs

      Because I removed the rear turn signals, and am relocating the license plate, this bracket had to be cut down.

      Installing the LED turn signals was a breeze.

      I also cleaned up the front end, I took off the stupid bracket, raised the headlights and tucked some wires. I also plan on painting the gauges black.

      While all this was going on I am taking my carbs apart to clean and rebuild them.

      They were pretty nasty looking, but its hard to tell when the last time this was done.

      Here are some pics before I cleaned them.

      And after soaking in berrymans, sprayed with carb cleaner, then air dusters, then scrubbed in degreaser soap water, then air dusted again.

      And no I did not clean them with the Diaphragms in, that pic I took after I was putting them together.

      Right now I am just waiting on all the rubber pieces to come in the mail, so I can put them back together along with a Stage 1 Jet Kit.
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      My 1990 GSX 600 Street fighter Build


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        Hope you keep this updated

        Feeling some inspiration coming along....really want to get rid of my plastics, tired of looking for decent priced replacements to my damaged ones...


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          coming a long way from what you had. is it easy to replace your the whole exhaust system? I would love to get a 4 into 1 with a nice slip on.


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            1st post

            this save is awesome!!