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  • Amp's Build (1100F)

    Alright soooo y'all saw my intro and got the basic idea of what [I think] I'm doing. I thought I would branch out from the intro section and start a "real" thread with a little more structure and organization.

    Here's the rundown for anyone who didn't see my intro thread:

    I went to check out an '88 Suzuki GSX1100F at the local powersports shop. After a little chatting, negotiation and arguing with NY state, the guy assures me it only needs a CDI box and it'll run so I bought it for $500 plus their bs fees. Which everyone I've talked to tells me is a good deal no matter what it needs.

    I'm young and like silly things so against the advise of others I'm going to make this bad boy a streetfighter. It's going to yank at the hearts of the purists but it'll make me smile in the end. It's just too bulky looking for me, I need something aggressive. I'd say if I could afford a new GSXR or CBR I'd get it but by the time I'm done with this... Well, I might as well buy a new one. But I'll be proud of it. #BuiltNotBought

    Here it is when I brought it home:

    Not bad, huh? She's purdy but she got some ugly insides. I played around with it for a little bit, slapped a CDI box on, and still no life.

    No CDI box on it at all when I got her

    So I start tearing it down

    And immediately discover electrical gremlins like crazy

    If it could be bypassed, the previous owner tried to bypass it. Hell, even if it COULDNT be bypassed, he tried.

    A buddy and I also did a few compression tests. The first failed with very little compression in cylinder 2. Poured oil in... Bam. Builds and holds compression. Soooo I tear it down some more.

    And briefly contemplate just Fred Flintstoning it

    Ohhhhhh starting to feel overwhelmed realizing the project I took on...

    Start taking the engine apart to remedy the compression issue.

    And I break the valve cover while taking it off >.<


    Got tired of working on my floor and spent money that could've been used on the bike building myself a workbench.

    Took the head to the local machine shop and they lost a bolt, hacked it all up, lost all the dowel pins, and tried to charge me twice the quoted price. Not happy but it's done and clean.

    At this point my ADHD gets me and I order some paint so I can get the frame all prettied up.

    Then I change my mind on colors... Ugh.

    FOCUS! I buy a valve cover to replace the one I messed up.

    Aaaaand a gasket kit to continue with the teardown and rebuild

    I also bought a new wiring harness that promised to be "used but in great condition" and turned out to be in no better condition than what I had. Apparently everyone who has these things tried to bypass everything on the bike. "Do we need the headlight? Nah, bypass it." >.<

    So here's the fun part... I'm building this bike on a tight budget for two big reasons; I lost my job in January due do politics and my refusal to put up with bs aaaaand IM GONNA BE A (first time) DAD!!!

    Here's my little boy, Aiden, who's due in October!

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    '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project

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    Loving it so far!
    Keep it up!
    Its nuts that you just got it and already have it down to frame!


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      I work quick

      It was bought as a project to keep me busy while I'm off of work. I'm a vet, and even before that I have some demons, and if I have time to sit and be in my mind I get depressed and a little on edge. I grew up working on cars and loved doing so until my garage burned down a few years ago. I've always been an active person and go stir-crazy fast.

      So now we're all caught up and I'm here redoing this thread becaaaause I've stalled out. I'm bouncing back and forth between directions and my money has run out. I've decided to step back, do some more research concerning some ideas I have about modifying the tail, and sell some of the stuff I won't be putting back on.

      I know the rule for posting a For Sale thread is 50 posts minimum but I may have to break that and risk banning in order to continue this build. Hopefully the Kat gods are on my side and I don't get my butt kicked.

      I'd reeeeally like to get back to work, especially since the engine is torn apart sitting on my bench and I don't want it rusting and seizing up. I wonder if I can get permission to start a FS thread early... Hmmmmm

      Couple examples of what I'm thinking for a finished product, though I'm sure you guys are aware of what a streetfighter looks like given there's a whole section for them on here.

      I had others but my photobucket quit working on me. Pretty sure the other pics are a bike that belongs to a guy in here.
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      '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project


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        You have torn my heart out...sir, you

        Either way, good luck with the project... make it yours and ride it to hell. Good deal, i would have jumped on that myself had i seen it.

        Keep the updates and pics coming...
        "Life is what happens when you make plans..."


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          I know, I know. I'm a bastard lol

          But I cant afford anything else closer to what I want. If it makes you feel any better, I'm putting all of the beautiful, unused parts for sale instead of just chucking them and giving someone else the chance to use them to bring their bike to its factory prestige.

          I'm being very careful to keep everything I take off nice and aide others while I respectfully destroy this piece of history.

          QUESTION!: I searched and only found a few threads that had the same general thought but weren't exactly the same and had no good info..... CAN I PUT A 600 TAIL ON MY 1100??
          '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project


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            Im not 100% on the 1100. I know for a fact the 750 tail swap is common. They look the same to me, but Ive never seen an 1100 in the wild, let alone up close. I respect your drive. Looks like your coming along quite well. I generally dont like fighters, but your motivation leaves me with an open mind. It doesnt happen often but ive personally been known to be genuinely impressed with a kat fighter when it's builder went the extra mile and didnt just put a round headlight on it, scrap the plastics and call it a fighter. Anyway, your almost to your 50 man. Hit up "what did you do to your kat today thread", "3 word story" and "post whores 500! Teach me the ways" and drop a line in each one. Do that three times, and respond to me, and your free and clear to jump in the market place. Keep up the good work! I'll be following this thread.
            My build thread (Black Betty) '97 600 (Dearly Departed)
            2007 GSXR 750


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              Thanks for the support, bro! That was just the motivation I needed right now. To know someone digs the idea and I'm not a complete outcast lol

              I've been reading more and more and I'm thinking it may work. I guess I'll have to locate tail plastics and see. Otherwise I guess my options are modify the tail subframe I have or weld a new one on.
              '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project


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                You could always list whatever you have pulled off and PLAN to sell on this thread, and when you hit 50, make a real FS thread.

                Maybe you will get a few PM's before you even list them properly.
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                  Whelp, I'm only a few posts away. This should actually put me at 46 so only four to go. I'm kind of a shy and quiet person which makes me no good at post whoring lol
                  '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project


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                    Took pics of some of the parts I'll be putting up. All are in great condition, no cracks in the body panels, all motors and gauges work, headlight and taillight both work including brake light, blinkers all work and have fluid, brackets are all straight and rust free, muffle sound good, seat looks brand new no tears or anything.

                    Lots more that I'll post in the actual thread.
                    '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project


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                      Ordered a ZX6R integrated taillight and have been looking at other accessories. Also started looking at more engine parts and the deeper I get, I'm starting to get cold feet about rebuilding the bottom end. I've NEVER done a motorcycle engine before and it's frightening, especially knowing I don't have the money for a new engine just because I messed this one up. Ugggghhhh.

                      Wonder if I'd be better off paying someone to take over from here just to be sure...
                      '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project


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                        Why do you need to rebuild the bottom end?
                        My build thread (Black Betty) '97 600 (Dearly Departed)
                        2007 GSXR 750


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                          I'm not sure if the lack of compression in cylinder 2 was valves or rings and I figured as long as I've got it this far apart and I'm throwing way more money into it than it'll ever be worth, I might as well start with a "brand new" bike.
                          '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project


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                            For future reference... if you have low compression on a cylinder you remove the gauge and add oil to the cylinder. recheck the compression...

                            If compression increases, then the problem is the rings... if the compression does not change, then the problem is in the valves.

                            If low compression on two adjacent cylinders, then you probably have a blown head gasket.
                            "Life is what happens when you make plans..."



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                              Yeah, it's rings because the compression increased significantly when I added oil.
                              '88 Suzuki GSX1100F streetfighter project