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  • The next chapter...

    Well, I can't handle it anymore, traded my bike for a suburban, which I love and we needed for the growing family, but I can't apparently go without a bike for long, like a month long.

    Just bought the wife a new Macbook Air, her 6 year old Mac was beat.

    SO, being broke, sad and bikeless I decided to keep an eye out for something...

    I found a Wee-Strom with crash bars and a few options for $3999, which is an awesome deal, they usually don't go for under $5K around my area.

    I called the wife from work and told her I bought a bike. NOPE, didn't buy the strom. Broke remember?! Ended up talking to the accountant at work and he has an older XS 400 Yammie that he pulled apart (meaning took motor out of frame), and it needs some frame repairs. He said he would be happy to take it to the wreckers and get $100 for it.

    I said I'd take it!, papers and everything...

    I had to go away for the weekend, but I will pick it up this week and continue this long term thread. I think I am going to build a rat bike. Flat black with some accent color like monster energy green or something and get cracking on it.

    One thing I gotta say it was far more rewarding riding when I rebuilt my last bike before my Kat. The new Kat was fun, but there was no sense of accomplishment by just affording it. There was far more satisfaction after I fixed up my old GS 850L. I tore my hair out learning how to rebuild carbs properly and tune them. I had to tear the engine apart on the last one and take the jugs off, reseal everything, all that stuff. Long story short, when I finally hit the road on that GS I felt so great. I accomplished something and could say I did it.

    I am hoping for another experience like that, building some road worthy machine out of a basket case, working out all the bugs and enjoying some miles next year because of some nights googling and some elbow grease and blood. I think that's more what biking is about for me, rather than buying some new Connie 14 with an espresso machine and a warranty.

    So, I will post up pics soon as I get it and be back on the board.

    I missed riding!

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    Life's a journey........ if you fret about the ride, you'll die before your time.
    sigpicLife throws you curves......enjoy the ones you get when riding.
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      Originally posted by jetmerritt View Post
      ...when I finally hit the road on that GS I felt so great. I accomplished something and could say I did it...
      I know exactly how you feel. I love that feeling. Good luck with the XS and keep posting as you go. I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress.
      Wherever you go... There you are!

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        Good luck with the project!


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          $100 got me this....

          Well, here it is. Not sure what to do with it yet, I'm thinking of dual sportish tires and maybe some kind of cafe/rat theme.

          My goals are getting it running for next season and flogging it.

          The bottom pic you can see the frame damage. It doesn't look rusty, it looks like crash or possibly metal fatigue damage.