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Suzuki GSX750F Project

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  • Suzuki GSX750F Project

    Hope I'm posting this in the right place. It's a project I'm just starting but it's looking to be a long term project.

    Today I did the basics like oil and filter change, carbs cleaned and some fresh fuel. I needed to see if the engine was good as this was last used in 2015. Anyway, managed to fire it up and it seems all good and sounds great for a 21 year old bike.

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone know what the bottom black plug should be connected to? The wires are red and black with red strip.

    Now I know the engine is good it's now getting a complete strip down as there is quite a bit of rust.

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    Sadly my project has come to an end before it really got started. Whilst inspecting the headers I have found part of the frame behind the headers totally rotten. Unless someone can tell me different, that would not be safe to use.


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      It's part of the lower frame cradle and only bolts on you should be able to pick one up from a wrecker
      The part lying on the ground

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        Hi, yes I only just found out it was a separate section. Thank you for the pic. Most cradles I find in the UK are pretty rusty. The bar that is rusty on mine, is it welded or bolted to the rest of the cradle? When I look at a parts diagram of the cradle, it shows the bar as being a separate piece that bolts to the rest of the cradle.