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Katana 750 + GS550E

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    Got some pics, then took it apart again. I pulled the tach signal wire loose installing the tank, so that had to come off. Then I noticed some gas weeping around the petcock screws. I need to see if they use fiber washers. I also need some rubber grommets for the side covers. The clutch could use some adjusting and I want some pin stripes on the tail cowl.
    But, overall, I'm pretty happy with it.


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      Still have this one, still not on the road.

      I definitely have some carb tuning/fuel delivery work ahead of me.
      When riding at normal speeds, part throttle, I could feel a sort of surging. I figured the pilot jets and/or mixture screws needed tuning. It pulls like a banshee up top, but will sometimes stall after a WOT run. Running out of gas, maybe?

      I was starting it weekly until I could get to the dyno, and now it won't start. I have spark, so I suspect the vacuum petcock may have failed. There is no PRIME position on this one. I know how to check it....just need to do it. I got really burned out.

      I used a DynoJet Stage III kit and went with their 140 main jets (which they measure differently that Mikuni does), their needles and set the mixture screws to 2.5 turns out. I DID NOT drill and tap the slides for the plugs they use. I'm told that's only to slow down the rate of the slides raising.
      Knowing what I know now, I would have gone with an assortment of Mikuni jets or the Factory Pro kit.

      Plus, the choke cable came loose from the carbs. I need to have one made that is about 2-3" longer. Who does that? Motion Pro?

      Any suggestions for a low profile, non vacuum petcock?