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Do you take your kids for rides ?

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    Pretty cool I guess, but man does that kid have a big head!!!!

    I was prolly about 6 or 7 when I started riding with my dad, and never had a problem holding on.
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      I ride my daughter (shes 6) down the deadend road we live on. Barely get into second gear....she sits in front of me.

      BTW that CBR on that harness site has a monster sprocket, and a 12:00 bar.....Just noticed

      He do 12's with the child and needs the harness!!!!!!!!! Hope not!
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        Originally posted by FatBlue
        Originally posted by Need4Speed750
        I saw someone on a Busa with a child behind him attached with one of these getups. He was moving real quick in the passing lane (on the highway). The fact that there was a child on the back (couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 freaked me out a bit, I gotta say!
        Definately..its one thing to get it on and have fun by urself..but with a passenger, and a child no less... no way!!!