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Do you take your kids for rides ?

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  • Do you take your kids for rides ?

    How often? Do you take them on long day trip rides, or just down to the local mini mart for a soda or something? How young do you think is too young for kids to ride on the back of bikes ? Or maybe you never take them for rides?
    Yes, all the time, they love it!
    Once in a while, as a treat for them.
    Never take any children on my motorcycle with me
    Don't have kids, but I do take my pet gerble out now and then!!!

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    I take my eleven year old for short trips. Usually, just around the side streets. She loves it. I took her to school once last year, and she was cool for a while. My others are too little. I think they have to be old enough to pay attention, and the eleven year old barely pays enough attention. I also need another smaller helmet to fit the younger kids.
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      My daughter rides, but my youngest (son) is only 14, so he can't legally ride on the street, so he goes with me. I LOVE going out with the kids though. My son is an excellent rider and has riden the Katana and Ninja numerous times. I have never let him ride the Bandit though due to the extra power on tap it has.

      My daughter is a very tame rider and stays on the cautious side. I am really concerned about when my son starts on his own though since he is a stunter at heart.
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        My 3 yr old is constantly saying .."Daddy, for a ride? Daddy? for a ride?" He's definately into bikes already, its great! he loves to just sit on it and pretend he is riding!

        My other 2 kids that live with my ex, 10 years & 8 years old, love to ride too. I take turns with them taking them to school sometimes as well.


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          When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get on the back of my dads bike. I looked forward to it everytime I heard we were going somewhere. Some of my favorite trips were up to Mount Rainer, and along the coast. We went everywhere on that thing. Sometimes we would trailer it behind his 1983 Mitsuibishi Colt, all the way down to Los Angels (From Tacoma Washington). Then once we got down there, off on the bike again. Thats what got me into bikes so much I think.
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            My 8 year old and I take off for an afternoon from time to time. We head to the closest town and get ice cream, tour some country roads and head back home.

            He's a natural... I barely know he's there. He's just as excited about my new bike as I am! 8)


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              my 12 year old daughter loves to go for rides with me. i usually take her out on the country roads. her and my wife are both the same size so all the gear fits both of them.


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                I know Jesse loves to sit on Matt's Kat !! He takes my helmet and walks around the house all the time with it on..It's so heavy, he almost falls over!! But atleast it doesnt hurt when he runs into the wall with it on!!
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                  My oldest used to love to ride with me until he saw a friend go down in front of us. We rode through it but after that he has no interest, it just freaked him out.
                  My other sons still beg for a ride constantly. My rule is that you have to be able to sit on the seat and touch both feet flat on the pegs though so only the 7yr old gets the occasional ride right now, mostly out in the country among the corn fields.
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                    Both of mine are too small right now, but they call their bicycles "mocycles" like daddy's. They have both sat on it, but if I reach for the key to start it they start to freak out. They say it is too loud. I am hoping that will get better with some age. My four year old has ridden about 10 feet on the back seat before with me in the yard doing about 2 mph. She held on for dear life, and had a huge smile all day from it.


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                      My dad takes his kids for rides all the time . He's taken them on a couple of rallys (rode there with family chasing) . My sisters are like 10 and 15 (I THINK , I don't really know this family very well , long story) . He'd often say "this tank of gas is Katie's , and the next will be Ellie's " , and just take turns until they got wherever or they got tired . I don't think he takes "the boy" out , as he's like 5 or something . Little bugger prolly wouldn't sit still , anyway .
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                        Check this out...



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                          Like Jim, my rule was when he can touch the pegs I would take David. When he turned 7 he could touch. I bought him a JR jacket and a good helmet and we go together fairly often in the summer.

                          I was riding like an old lady with him on the back because I didn't want to scare him. After a few times he started asking me if we could go for a ride, then he started asking if we could go fast this time

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                            BF likes the Kat but he loves riding on the Busa. I started out with short trips around the neighborhood, then one day I picked him up from school. He was the hit of the afterschool gang

                            The longest trip was a day ride to GMR. He's a great backpack. I try to stay off the freeways as much as possible and i'm super cautious. I tend to short shift a lot and let the torque take over. (I love having torque )

                            BTW: He's 14 and salivating about getting a bike on his next birthday.


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                              Originally posted by Need4Speed750
                              I saw someone on a Busa with a child behind him attached with one of these getups. He was moving real quick in the passing lane (on the highway). The fact that there was a child on the back (couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 freaked me out a bit, I gotta say!
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