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2020 Katana

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  • 2020 Katana

    It looks like the original 80s model Katana will be re-born in 2020.
    This link is from Cycle World Magazine.
    slow link !

    EDIT: So apparently this must be old news...
    Youtube video:
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    My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap

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    Word is getting around, but with opinions…

    Check this recent thread on
    Many like it, the more I look at it, the less I like it, street bike, semi naked.
    The original was a superbike with clip-ons, latest engine specs, was track raced and still is track raced in vintage clubs.
    If this new Katana was another version of, and with all the performance of the GSXR line, it would get my respect.
    New Katana 2019
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      I see what your saying. It would be much nicer if it competed with Kawasakis H2.
      The first thing I looked at was to see if it were oil cooled.
      My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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        Damn!! just missed this.........
        Keep your eyes out my be a few doing some tours

        Still don't know if it's just a restyled GSXR
        The original Kat was sexy and avaunt guard think this just looks like any other naked sports bike nowadays
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