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Pirelli Demons or Metzler Lasertecs?

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  • Pirelli Demons or Metzler Lasertecs?

    Pitty the poor kat 1100. Once there were four or five diffferent radial options. Now, there are only a couple of radial options and to add insult to injury, they are for scooters.
    I have a set of Avon Azaro radials , finest tire ever to grace my kat 11, they no longer make them. The ones on my bike have maybe 1000 miles . The problem is that they are ten years old and they feel like wood, they’ll have to go .
    The bike came stock with lasertecs and since then, the lassrtecs have been improved with better compound. Both the lasertecs and the demons are bias ply . Which are better?

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    If you only ride 100 miles a year, what does it matter?


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      I actually ride about 4,000 miles a year. When I got my Concours 14, the kat 11 was not running well. Now that I found the problem ( leak around air box rubbers) I want to use it as an around town putter/ commuter .
      The Concours is such a superior in every way bike , it should be understandable why I let it sit in the corner of my garage for so long.


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        I have Shinko 712 bias plys on my 82 GS1100G.
        3rd set, get 5000 mile rear, 8000 front.
        Never gotten up to 130 MPH on that bike, so rating is fine.
        May try Michelin Pilot Activ tires next, but really doubt I need to find a better tire.
        I'm a sport rider and corner hard on these Shinkos, no problem, no sign of slipping.
        They cost half as much as anything else.
        Went to these after watching pricey Bridgestone BT 45s square off after just 4000 miles!


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          I've got Pirelli Sport Demons on a couple of my bikes, I have no complaints, nice tire in dry or wet weather. There are better tires out there, the Sport Demons are a nice all-around tire.I have a set of Lazertecs on my '81 900F. Again, nice tire. I lean toward the Sport Demons.
          GS1000SZ, GS1100EZ, GS1000ST (Wes Cooley)


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            Shinko doesn’t make a set that fits my bike ( 120-80-16 front, 150-80-16 rear). I have since discovered that there are two other sets that’ll fit- Bridgestone 45 and Avon roadrunner.
            I’m a bit hesitant to go with Lasertec because I still see people complaining about short tread life, despite the “new silica rubber compound”.
            I bought this bike with 4100 miles back in ‘98 and with just 4100miles, the oem lasertecs were beat and immediately replaced with macadam radials .


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              Pirelli is a way sexier name brand. For a special bike like a vintage Katana, I'd go for sexy!
              Pirelli Corsa and Rosso are favorites in the UK for sport bikes.
              Shucks, I aughta try Pirelli Demons on my GS1100G!
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