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    Hi everyone, so today I attempted to clean out my pilot jets and I discovered that the previous owner had righted them all down all the way. Unfortuantly one is severely stripped. Would anyone have tips for removing it? Or would it be bad if I just left it like that?

    Also what is supposedly my afr screw is just a flat piece of brass.
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    I have used small ez outs to remove messed up pliots with good success.
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      The screw head is striped out where you would normally remove with a large flatmate?
      Do you have a pair of needle nose locking vise grips or would they even fit? Sorry can't remember off the top of my head which one that is


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        Drill it out just enough to use a easy out.
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          I rolled the dice and hadda leave one in #3 and let the
          Berryman's and Seafoam do their thing to try it "Cheap"
          first. Got lucky and have great idle and low rpm pull.
          The hole in the center cannot be damaged or have brass
          smeared across said hole.


          Edit: PS. The AFR screw is hiding under that flat piece
          you saw. It needs GENTLY drilled and a screw twisted in
          to pull the brass piece out.
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