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Handle bars/steering column very hot

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  • Handle bars/steering column very hot

    Hey all,

    I didn't know if I should post here or in the mechanic section but I had a quick question. After getting home today from riding I noticed the handlebars were very hot. I don't mean the rubber grip area but rather that metal area where you stick the key in. It was almost too hot to touch and I pulled the key out and the key was very hot too.

    If the exhaust pipe after a ride is a 10 in terms of heat I would describe the handlebars as a 6.

    Nothing unusual happened on the ride and it included some country highway driving. I was driving pretty fast hitting 90 on some empty parts of the road. It was also an extremely hot and humid day. But I have never experienced this.

    Is this normal? What is causing it? I went out and checked the exhaust and the exhaust is cool to the touch. The handlebar area is still very warm.

    The only out-of-the-ordinary thing is that yesterday I put fuel stabilizer in the tank which I do every time I fill up and I also put some WD-40 in the keyhole because it was getting a little hard to turn the key. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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    I would try to check the ignition wire harness and see if it is also hot. The only logical explanation is that you have an electronic system generating heat. It definitely shouldnt get that hot.
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