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  • Center stand

    Who can put their Kat up on the center stand unassisted? Is there a trick as I can only do it with the help of my better half
    I've seen other threads and even read about but still can't do it. Maybe I'm getting weaker in my older age

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    Look up a how to vid on you tube - much easier to see than have it written out.
    Once you have the technique, it's pretty easy even on much heavier bikes.
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      I'll have to look at a video when I can get somewhere to watch YouTube, I've looked at instructions , hopefully a video will help


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        Left hand on the left handle bar. Do NOT pull on the bar, that's just to hold it upright.

        Right hand goes under the tail. Grab on to the grab bars there. (look under the tail to verify if your not sure what I'm talking about. )

        Left foot stays on the ground.

        Right foot... put it on the center stand peg.

        Do not pull with the left hand. Your not trying to move the bike.

        Push down on the Peg as you pull up with your right hand. Stand on the peg as you pull straight up with the right hand. Your not trying to push the bike anywhere, just push the center stand down using the grab bar to help give you leverage.

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          Thanks guys, watched multiple videos and tried with no luck, first bike I owned with a center stand. I even tried using the rear passenger peg and grab bar.
          Krey I'll follow your directions tomorrow


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            Is your suspension standard? When the rear shock was stuck compressed on 1100, it was darn near impossible to get on the center stand. If you do get it on the center stand I would think there should be about an inch or two between the ground and rear tire.

            It can help to have the bike in neutral. You should be using your weight to stand on the center stand peg and the handle as more of a balance, otherwise you are lifting with your back - not good.

            Try rolling the rear tire on to a 1x3 board (1 inch high). The center stand will be closer to it's over center position. Please make sure rear tire clears the board when it is on the center stand - we don't want the rear tire touching the ground.
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