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best rear shock upgrade for a 98 750

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  • best rear shock upgrade for a 98 750

    shock is just fine for me but a little bit of a pain to adjust preload for 2 up and needs a little more weight carrying capacity.
    What are my options?
    thanks in advance.
    Oh by the way this is my first post and i searched the forums beforehand but didn't find definitive answer for 750

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    Just rebuild yours to suit your needs. TMOD (Terry) could help you out.
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      Welcome aboard

      +1. The 98+ 750 Kat and the 1100 Kat are the only ones with rebuidable shocks. Get it rebuilt, and sprung for the proper weight, and it will make a huge difference. I puta rebuilt and properly sprung one on my 600, night and day. Before riding 2 up was dicey as hell - horrible handling, massive wallowing, and tons of brake dive. After the upgrade, I couldn't tell I had a passenger (well, unless I was accelerating, but that's another story).
      TMod can take good care of you (yes, that recommendation is based on personal experience). Racetech can also rebuild it, and you might have a local shop that can. Either way, you've got the right shock, just needs some TLC and a better spring. ...and if you want to splurge, change the valving...
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        looking for easier adjustment too

        thanks for all the advice and help - i was thinking of doing that but i hate how much of a pain it is to adjust. is there a year shock i can put in (and get rebuilt at the same time) where the adjustment is at the bottom with the ramp adjustment rather than the collar at the top??
        thanks in advance.