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1994 gsx600f loose bits identification

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  • 1994 gsx600f loose bits identification

    Hey all,

    Im trying to help my neighbor out. I have bikes and cars galore but im just not familiar with this new mess. (No offense)

    If he were anyone else, id tell him to get this pile out of my garage but, im trying to help a guy out.

    The bike is spray painted, one bolt holding each plastic on, things broken off everywhere. But im just trying to get it to run.

    So down to business,

    I have a yellow wire by the coils that doesnt have a mate, as well as a red wire near the battery.

    Beyond that, it doesnt seem thaT the petcock is working as nothing comes out in the prime position.

    Is it possible to just switch to a regular old manual, non vacuum petcock?

    Also, even with starting fluid i cant get if to sputter. I checked spark, and it is exsistant but it looks very very weak.

    I read somewhere about the battery maybe having to be strong enough, and that slightly less than 'strong enough' wont do..

    So; my measuring says,

    Key off: 12.5
    Key on: 11.9
    While cranking:9.9

    This is after charging it for 4 days.

    Do i need a fresh battery?

    Sorry to be the new guy asking a million questions. I know msot basics but, the wiring and new-to-me vacuum gas tank crap is not helping the situation.

    Appreciate any help.
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    You need to download the manual and check the diagram. Note: not all wires have a mate. Many are for the euro carb heaters and the cali smog devices. The manual is in mechanics 101.

    Bat is a little weak. Petcock rebuild kits are cheap. 100% believe the carbs will need rebuilt, kat carbs clog up quick from sitting and not properly stored. You need 11v at the coils while starting to get a good hot spark. Loom Connections may need cleaned and greased to increase the voltage to the coils. I see a lot of work there...
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      May not be the battery, but a fresh one won't hurt. You can "boost" the battery by using a car battery (NOT RUNNING!!!) jumped with cables also if you think it's just a weak battery. (car alternator will fry the electronics, but just a battery is fine)

      11v min on the coils. If the harness is dropping voltage, you can do a temp test to verify by running wires from the pos. bat. post to the coils directly. Each coil has an orange wire on it, replace those with the temp wires. If it starts right up after that, you know it's a voltage drop to the coils issue. (clean and fix wiring harness connections). Don't leave the wires connected long periods when not running obviously, as it will drain the batt.

      The 2 wires you mentioned... Wires not used, you can ignore them.

      Petcock... I'd strongly suggest you rebuild or replace with another OEM. You can use a manual one, but... that leaves a high level of "oops, forgot" to turn it off and with these bikes... a high chance of draining the entire fuel tank into the crank case if a float needle ever doesn't fully seal when sitting.

      Easy to do, here is a walkthru...

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          I wish all instructions were as good as that petcock one is.