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Rectifier location on a 95 600???

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  • Rectifier location on a 95 600???

    Hi all anyone know where the rectifier is located on my 95 600f model? I can't seem to find it in the manual.

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    What rectifier? Voltage? If so, the katana actually has an alternator, the voltage rectifier is in the alternator.
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      What ^ he said.

      Rectifier and regulator all are internal components to the alternator.

      From experience and lost of posting on this forum..... it's more often then not those that cause an issue. Broken/poorly soldered leads, bad wiring connections/harness, or simply worn out brushes.... much more often the issue.

      May be cheaper to replace the unit used though if you run across a real issue with the alternator.

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        Thanks for all the advice folks very knowledgeable people on here. Think I may have found the cause of all my issues.
        Many thanks