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Left Rear Axle Spacer

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  • Left Rear Axle Spacer

    It is time to re-install my rear wheel and I cannot find the left rear axle spacer (I honestly don't recall seeing it when I removed the wheel, but I am old). I can order one from the dealer, but I was wondering is someone knew the dimensions, with the possibility of finding a similar spacer at a hardware store.

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    Or buy a used axle set from eBay. They sell pretty cheaply.
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      Which bike model?

      Pre 600/750 used a 9mm thick spacer. BTW, that one sits so close to the wheel carrier lip, that it literally can get "lost" still seated in place on the wheel. So... yeah, if you don't remember seaing it, look on the wheel again.

      Post 600/750 uses a 14mm thick spacer.

      Both axles are 17mm. OD I don't remember off hand, but you can measure that by what seats in the wheel.
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        Ah, I see what you mean, literally. At first I thought that was a bearing, but I pulled it and it is a solid spacer. I did not expect it to sit that far into the hub. It barely protrudes.

        It is an 89 750 Kat
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