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  • Indoor Cover recommendations

    Hi all -

    Just bought a 93 600 Kat with just over 1000 original miles. Can someone give me some recommendations on a nice cover and where to get one that fits the bike well? Looking for a soft indoor cover.

    Oh, please include size if you have a specific recommendation that has more than 1 size.


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    I don't use or like indoor covers for my bikes because they cause more problems than they prevent. They can scratch or tatoo the paint with the fabric pattern & they can be cumbersome to the point where they catch on something...the dog tugs on it etc and the bike gets knocked over.

    Unless you're running a woodshop in the same space, I wouldn't bother with one. If your bike gets dusty, blow it off and hit it with instant detailer and a microfiber.


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      A flat sheet would work. I use a cotton drop cloth.
      They do sell bike covers with a felt liner.
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