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is my speedo off?

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  • is my speedo off?

    was cruising down michigans, i75 at the speed of traffic. I look down at my speedo and im indicated at 90mph. i'm in the far right lane and i get passed on the left. do you guys think this is a case of some aggressive drivers, or is my speedo way off?

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    Way off, what's your gearing?
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      Speedo just being off, especially if you no longer have OEM sprockets. +-10% is normal...
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        Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post
        Way off, what's your gearing?
        stock gearing. guess i will compare speeds with an app on my phone in the morning. why would my speedo be off by so much?


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          My Kat and my VFR were off slightly when compared to the speed on the GPS, they were low on both bikes.


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            Pre kat speedo is cable driven off the front wheel. It's naturally about 10% off, showing you going faster than you are. That's with the stock 110 front tire.

            Now days everyone uses the 120//70. It's not as large, so you get an even more out of whack reading off further.

            So if your speedo is reading 90... and it's off at least 10%, then your actual speed was closer to 80... or less.

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              Mine is off too by 10% exactly. But I have the Post Kat and changed the rear tire for a wider one. Speedo says 100KM/H and I'm actually doing 90KM/H