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2004 katana 600 won't start

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  • 2004 katana 600 won't start

    Good morning! I recently bought a 2004 Katana 600 with less than a thousand miles on it. You'll probably immediately realize that's a bad sign, as it's been sitting for more than 10 years. I can get it to turn over, but not to fire. I'll tell everybody what I did, and then what I would love to hear from somebody else is what I still need to do.i replaced the battery. I removed and cleaned the carburetor, cleaning all the Jets individually. I replaced the gas tank because it was very rusty inside. I replaced the petcock.(the carb bowls fill up with gas) I checked the plugs, each one needed to be cleaned but was producing spark by the time I was done. I replaced the fuel filter with a slightly smaller one. Now, what happens is the engine will turn over, fire intermittently, and backfire but never start. What am I missing? Btw, I also changed the oil and filter, but I don't think that's related. Lastly, I replaced the choke cable, which was frozen.
    Thx for your help.


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    Hi Jim, congrats on your Kat purchase. I'm going to guess that the carbs will needed to be dipped in chem dip for at least 24 hours per bank. It also probably wouldn't hurt to get the K&L rebuild kit for all 4 carbs off of ebay. I had the same exact issues where it would try to fire, but never start. I followed carbs 102 on here, and now I'm riding it. It's a process, but worth it.

    What happens is the idle circuit passage gets clogged, and dipping them cleans those internal passages out.


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      I'll try. I've got the gallon b12 chem dip, but it doesn't look like it will fit. Do I do one end and then the other? Jets in or out? I bought the gallon but never had to use it. I bought and used the rebuild kit, but the only new parts were the seals, o rings, needle and seat. Just so I'm clear, You're intimating that even though the jets are clean, there could be something deeper in the carb bodies themselves that is clogged?
      Thanks for the input!


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        You'll need to completely disassemble them per Carbs 102 guide. That dip may eat up any rubber orings/gaskets, and plastic bits like the choke plungers, so it's best to remove all that. Once they're completely disassembled from the rail you can carefully fit 2 carb bodies in the gallon container at once. Or just do 1 carb bank at a time.

        Yes, there's internal passages in the carbs that you don't have access to thoroughly clean, dipping them works the crud free in said passages.
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          ^ spot on
          Also, make sure you're getting 11+ volts to the coils when the starter is turning over. Less and weak spark results, can cause a failure to start.
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