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is a katana a sport bike or Touring bike for insurance

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  • is a katana a sport bike or Touring bike for insurance

    Just got my '95 kat750 road ready and when I insured it in NJ (Rider Insurance company), by the VIN, they conclude it is a sport bike. I said it is a sport touring bike,. My big clunky 1984 Yamaha venture (XVZ12) is also considered a sport touring bike (maybe a sporty touring bike?) and the insurance guy confirmed that he had that one insured as a touring bike.. Rider insurance in NJ does not have a sport touring classification.. it's either a sport bike or a touring bike. So I was hoping to find something to decode the VIN to the model GSX750FT?? as in touring?? to a katana touring bike but couldn't even find a decoder to identify the Suzuki model. The VDS says it is a sport street bike and the VIS is serial number..

    does anyone know how I can show by VIN that I have a touring bike (as compared to a GSXR)?? haha, I know I'm asking a lot after riding it yesterday. Oh, and can I get factory hard bags for this touring bike?>?
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    The vin will not show a touring or Sport bike. It will depend on how the insurers want to class it. Suzuki sold it as a sport tourer.
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