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2003 750 - Advice on asking price, condition

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  • 2003 750 - Advice on asking price, condition

    Hi all.

    I may have to sacrifice my '03 750 in order to make ends meet. I love the bike, so needless to say, this sucks.

    Having said that, I'm trying to get some feedback on price (in west Michigan).

    2003 750
    ~ 6k miles
    carbs rebuilt last year
    forks rebuilt last year
    new shinko tires last year
    color is black. aesthetically good. no significant rash. no dents or cracks. the decals were old and faded so i removed them.
    new plugs this week
    new oil & filter change this week (full synth)

    runs strong, shifts and handles great.

    Any thoughts?? I've seen prices from $1500 to $3000 for similar bikes so I'm kind of befuddled as to where to start.

    If this should be posted somewhere else, please let me know.



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    I would say don't go lower than $2000. 750's seem to be listed for a little more than 600's around me on craigslist in Ohio. I doubt any actually sell for the $3000 mark. Even with lower miles $3000 is approaching F4I territory or really any bike that's fuel injected. I'd say it will bring between $2300-2800 just based off what I see on CL near me.

    Good luck selling!


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      You may wish to post a picture to let us see what it looks like so that the price range is more accurate. Thanks.


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        If it were me, living in Michigan, Id ask 2200 and be expecting like 1800. I see katanas all the time on Flint and Detroit for $2k, much more than that, and someone is just going to go with the cheaper option.
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          Thank you everyone for your input!
          I should have included photos. I am going to try to attach a few here (only differences now -- the faded decals are gone from plastics and I've used a plastic renewal to relieve some sun fading). All thoughts are welcome. I guess maybe I'll start at $2400 or so and hope for the best. Maybe I can trade it for something ugly-but-rideable and some cash. I hate to be without a bike.
          Thanks again for the input. Happy spring!