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1990 600 chain question

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  • 1990 600 chain question

    Need a chain for my 1990 600 kat. Budgets tight but I've read there are a couple items not to cheap out on. Tires being one and chain another. Looking for input on a decent chain that is budget friendly. Also read that its a good idea to replace the sprockets at the same time. Is this necessary? What should I be looking for when examining the sprockets. I've seen some pics of worn teeth that look more like a wave than a triangle. Anything else I should look for? I'll shoot some pics on the weekend when I'm working on it.

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    Ok so answered my own ? after some search. Chain and sprockets at the same time and don't skimp on driveline parts. So suggestions on sprocket brands?


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      Ek, rk, or DID chains are the best chains you can get. Stick to them. JT sprockets are good, and affordable. It's best to replace them all as they wear as a matched set. Putting a new chain on worn sprockets will cause it to wear faster and vice versa
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