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1990 600 Throttle tube/switch assembly Question

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  • 1990 600 Throttle tube/switch assembly Question

    I need a new throttle tube and maybe the whole throttle/switch assembly and brake lever. Search says they are model specific. I'm not even sure all the throttle switch assembly inards are there. Any other model/years plug and play or just 88-97. Going to checkout the local salvage on the weekend, just wondering if I can look at other models as well. On a tight budget right now since just returning to work after a 8 month leave.

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    88-95 is pretty much plug n play...but, any Kat control will fit, just need some wiring changes. It's just the plugs that are different. (Edit) and the post looks cleaner-style wise. FYI The 750 gauges will also fit, just need wiring changes, they look better too.
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      Cool. Thanks