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Idle Problem Katana 600cc

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  • Idle Problem Katana 600cc

    Hey Guys,

    Well I been having a problem with my Kat around 3 weeks ago. When im using it and stop at light the idle stays up to 2000 rpms about 30 seconds then it goes down to 1200 rpms and stays that way. Sometimes it stays at 2000 rpms much longer. I dont know what can it be that its causing me trouble.

    Thanks for the help by the way.

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    Dirty cable sticking, air leaks or dirty carbs.
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      Yeah, a hanging idle like that generally means lean condition. The most common reason would be dirty carbs. Do a full cleaning on them, adjust the a/f screw appropriately, and sync the carbs. Then check for air/vacuum leaks, fix those. Do a final sync, and should be set.

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