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Lock Cylinder Reversed?!?!

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  • Lock Cylinder Reversed?!?!

    Somebody please help me. I been working on my 04 katana 600 and lost the key so I had to replace the lock cylinder. Easy right? But when I try to start the bike park (p) is the default starting position and the default starting position is park (p). It's all backwards!!?!?!

    I know this is probably a simple fix but any advice would be great because a cant ride a bike with the steering column stuck to lock.

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    Sorry, I have no advice on this one. First time I have heard of this happening. Maybe you need to find the proper ignition switch?

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      Yea I was wondering if I ordered the wrong one for this specific bike. Thanks for the reply I'll see what happens.


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        Recheck the assembly with the new cylinder. Was the switch already in the on position when you put the cylinder in and now it's 180 out or... something? IDK off hand, not going into the garage today with 20 degree weather.

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          Hey guys turns out the lock switch ordered a while back was from a gsf bandit not gsxf. Easy mix up I guess right haha thanks