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idle rpms.

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  • idle rpms.

    Does anyone know what the idle rpms should be on a 94 600

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    Before having my '96 carbs rebuilt, it idled at about 800 RPM and I thought that was normal. After all thats what my cars idle at. When I got by bike back from the Suzuki dealer it idled at 1200, and I thought that was crazy. I decided to mention it here on I was told about 1200 RPM is correct. It seems with time the idle begins to drop as the carbs begin to gum up. Mine currently idles at about 1000 after about 5 years, and I do regular / basic maintenance too. Be careful what additive you put in your tank. Some chemicals will eat the liner if you've got one. Also, since I've began rebuilding my Katana 1100cc carbs, I've noticed the fuel floats are glued together. Fuel additives will eat the float glue too and cause them to sink=sucks.
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      11-1200 rpm approx for Idle is normal.

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        mine idles around 1100 - 1200 revs I think its okay