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please help!!! only know the basics

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  • please help!!! only know the basics

    OK so I traded my 1976 Honda gl1000 that had a bad idling problem carbs which I know nothing about have never taken one apart or understand the mechanics of them anyway I traded it for this non running 1993 susuki katana 600 well I've changed both coils and plugs I have good gas in the tank and am pretty sure I'm hooking the fuel lines up right there are 2 fuel lines each with a fuel filter I hook up to each side of the petcock and the the vacuum line running from carb number four to the last nipple of the petcock I hope that's right I've tried many different ways also mind you the guy told me he test drove it put it on the trailer and never started again well I'm 1000 percent sure he was lying becausence hell the wires weren't even to the right cylinders anyway my problem now is I try to start the bike and I don't even get a sputter I have sprayed starting fluid directly into the back of the carbs and Stull nothing I manually life those black plastic whatever they are by hand and sprayed into the carb with the throttle open and nothing (can someone tell me what that black plastic thing is it doesn't move with the throttle or choke does it electronically move? Anyway I have gotten 3 different backfires that honestly sounded worse then a gunshot but that's it I pull the plug dry no gas at all this bike is cobbled together every photo or diagram I have looked at looks nothing like my bike haha I also lossened the screw at the bottom of the carb to make sure gas was in the carb on 4 and 1 turn the screw at the bottom gas comes out can ayone point me in the right direction and I hope you can fallow along with this unorganized non punctuated crap I have going on sorry and thanks to whoever replies also if your in the Wisconsin dell's area I will pay for you to come out and take a close look for me I took a huge chance on this bike just always wanted a rocket and I know my michanics a bit just cars nothing about bikes just spark fuel and compression which I have not checked yet (compression I do have good spark and fuel is good) just figure with the huge backfire and the sometimes sound of someone just letting out a big puff of air and my air box like jumping like it built up so much pressure it finally popped like a balloon where it connects to the carbs if that makes sense I'm at a complete loss and about to just cut my losses this is my last option I have downloaded the service manual also

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    Measure the 12v at the coils while starting. Needs to be 11v or better for a good start. Coils are as follows. Left coil 1/4, Right coil 2/3. Do you have a manual? One is available on mechanics 101. Your going to learn carbs real quick. I'm sure those carbs are going to need serviced. Pre Kats don't use fuel filters! If your tank has rust and crap in there, remedy that.
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      So there's not saposed to be any fuel filters and I will check the volts as soon as I get home today and I downloaded a service manual online but I don't understand half of what they are saying or showing me in the diagrams


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        Not being rude, but please use more paragraph breaks... it makes it significantly easier to read and understand what your asking.

        Post pictures. Lots of them. Let us see what your seeing, and we will probably be able to easily point out any issues you may not be aware of.

        Video is a good option too!

        Narrow down issues, concerns, or questions to smaller areas or specifics. By breaking things down, not only will you learn more, but we can help easier resolve all the issues with out over looking something simple that could be the "won't start" issue.

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          Hmmm.... Traded a bike with carb issues for another bike with carb issues. Sounds like ur gunna need to brush up on carbs101.
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