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Electrics issue

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  • Electrics issue


    I've made a little progress with my Kat since i last posted, got a replacement exhaust on the way and got it actually running. \o/

    Once running i started checking the other parts of the bike, i noticed that neither my signals or my horn work. I've checked the wiring(from what i can see) it all looks okay, I've checked the fuse and replaced it with another just to be sure, still no luck. The high beam switch and button work which makes me think there isn't a problem with the collective (or what ever its called on a bike)

    If i take the seat of i can hear a tick coming from the battery when i try to turn the signals on (guess the signal is trying to draw power???), but i don't get the flashing lights. Once i can get this working i can take it for a MOT and get it on the road

    Few Questions:
    What am i missing?
    What do i need to replace?
    Has anyone had a similar issue?

    Thanks in advanced guys

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    The click is the flasher, it's mounted to the battery box. Try replacing it first, assuming it's old anyway.
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      I would also check all the bulbs.

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